Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

10 Adult Hats


We just dropped off 10 adult hats to keep  chemo warriors warm.  Walking into the Kaiser Permanente Oncology Center in Ontario without my sister-in-law can be difficult.  I see the familiar faces of the nurses or staff and memories start to flood my mind.   But, I have been taking my son, who is a great and constant distraction with all of his energy and curiosity, plus he provides a loving hand to hold.

This delivery was a bit different, as the charge nurse personally accepted the hats and thanked us with a hug and kiss.  She told us how much these hats mean to her patients.  I recognized her, as she gave us an orientation and tour before my sister-in-law started her chemo there.  However, without my sister-in-law, she didn’t seem to recognize me and I didn’t verbally respond to her.   I could have told her who my sister-in-law was, or that I was continuing this in honor of her, or that I know personally how much these hats mean to chemo warriors.  I just smiled, prayed that the tears wouldn’t fall out of my eyes and mumbled “Thank you”, holding my son’s hand as we walked out.

I hope she understood that I just couldn’t speak with any composure, not yet.   I ‘m only at the point of being able to walk into the building and take the elevator to the basement without having becoming an emotional wreck.  But I go here, specifically for Wanda, my  sister-in-law, whom I love and miss very much.


Comments on: "10 Adult Hats" (8)

  1. You’re on the best path to healing. I’m in awe of your courage to walk into the maw of your pain. And your sister in law is proud of you.


  2. So sad, yet happy for you ❤ … just hold that little guy’s hand and take it one step at a time.


  3. What a great way to use your knitting talents. Keep up the good work!


  4. praying for your sil…


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