Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Just in time for Halloween, we thought we would share with you a super easy pattern– Frankenstein hats for NICU babies.  Of course, you can make these hats for bigger goblins by using a bigger loom and knitting more rows.

Using a newborn loom (24 peg)

Row 1- Purl
Row 2 E-wrap
Row 3 Purl
Row 4 E-wrap
Row 5 Purl
Row 6 E-wrap

For the rest of the hat- E-wrap
I don’t like providing row counts, as it changes depending on how thick the yarn is.
So for Preemies, I make the hats 4 inches (measuring from bottom of the hat to top).  Usually comes to be 20 rows

For Newborns- 5 inches
For Toddlers- 5 1/2 inches
For Children- 6 to 6/12 inches
For Teenagers & Women- 7 to 7 1/2 inches
For Men- 8 to 8 1/2 inches

To close the top of the hat
Thread the tapestry needle with a different color yarn and remove the hat off the loom, peg by peg.
Then with the same color yarn as the hat, you single-crochet 2 loops together
Continue SC 2 loops together until the hat is completely closed
Remove the different color yarn and discard (or keep it in your scrap pile)

For hair
Flat Top
2 HDC (Half Double Crochet) in each stitch with black yarn
Spikey Top
Cut approximately 2 inch pieces of yarn (about 16 or so)
Using crochet hook, crochet 1 piece of yarn into each stitch
You may want to do 2 pieces of yarn in each stitch- depending on how full you want it to look
Once done, trim the tops so they are even to desired length

For Neck Bolts
Using Gray Yarn
I made i-cords using the Spool Loom
I tripled wrapped each peg and e-wrapped for 3 rows
Normal Bind off and close
Sew onto each side of the hat

If you give these a try, we would love to see pictures.

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