Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

kroh-ribbonWith the end of September and the beginning of October, we move from Childhood Cancer Awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness.  Though we absolutely believe that finding a cure for breast cancer is  important, we also don’t want to forget all about Childhood Cancer Awareness and all other cancers as well.  We firmly believe that we should be fighting for a cure for ALL cancers, and do not understand why awareness for some cancers are more prominent and supported. For us being mothers, it is so hard to think that a precious innocent child can suffer through the fight of cancer and its harsh treatments, tests and drug side-effects. For some reason, a cure for breast cancer has become a very supported cause,  and we hope that all other cancers are cured and awareness for all cancers become just as important as breast cancer. Don’t forget that during this month, tons of people will be diagnosed with all types of cancer. Show your support for all types and don’t sweep any one under the rug.


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