Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


I tried to make a spiral ribbed hat, something I have made before (here) and (here) without any hiccups.  However, my mind must be elsewhere as I have lost count or my place.  Was I on a purl or knit peg?  For this hat, you are supposed to knit 3 pegs and then purl 2 pegs, after the brim.  Though the hat is not patterned perfect, the spirals seem to wind and twist in their own way, something like a roller coaster, I think that it will still make a little chemo warrior smile.  Perhaps it will show her that even adults make mistakes, but can still detect the silver lining.

Personally I celebrate uniqueness and like to encourage children to make their own choices, not follow the crowd.  I absolutely push the agenda of Questioning Everything with my kiddos and teach them to do so respectfully.  I want my children to be leaders which takes critical thinking skills, decision making, and dealing with the consequence of your decision.  Teach your child to think!  We need more thinkers in the country, as the problems will have more complexities than what we currently face.

Jumping trains of thoughts (from my digression above) I would like to share The Greatest Charity from Positive Outlooks Blog (link):

the greatest charity

Hope you have enough food for thought for today as I have to peruse all the other rambling contemplations jumbled in my mind…


Comments on: "A Hat and Mind That Deviate… a bit" (2)

  1. I ❤ your rib-rummaging hat 🙂


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