Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Elmo is such a popular character and is so well loved by children, we thought that it would be a great pattern to share. Since it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness month, we had to include an awareness ribbon on this hat. Elmo is a bit easier to create than most of our characters. The trickiest part is creating the eyes. Here is the pattern:

For the brim of the hat I started by using the purl one knit one stitch method. I did this for 4 rows. I then e-wrapped the rest of the hat and closed using the standard drawstring bind off method.

Eyes: (make 2 following this pattern)
Need: Black yarn, white yarn and an appropriate sized crochet hook
SC- Single Crochet
DC- Double Crochet
HDC- Half Double Crochet

Using Black YarnChain 6 and slip stitch together- pull tight

Change to White Yarn
Round 1- SC in each stitch
Round 2 – 2 HDC in each stitch
Round 3- 2 HDC in each stitch
Round 4 – SC in each stitch
Round 5- decrease around
Round 6- decrease around

Stuff eye with white yarn or fiberfill
Cut a long tail (to use to sew onto the hat), pull tight, knot and finish off


I used a pom pom maker to create my nose.


These are a bit hard to understand how to use by just reading the instructions so I will try my best to tell you how to use it. First step is to open up the pom pom maker:


Next you take your yarn and wrap it around an arm of the pom pom maker. You can start at either arm it does not make a difference. In the image, I am using 2 strains of yarn just because I had 2 handy but you can use one strand, it will have the same results.


Now just continue to wrap around the arm until it is fully covered. You can go back and forth a few times. The thicker the arm is wrapped the thicker the pom pom will turn out.


When you have wrapped the arm to your desired thickness, shut it closed and bring the yarn over to the opposite arm and begin to wrap that arm. Do not worry about cutting the yarn now you will do that at the end.


Once you have the opposite arm wrapped to your desired thickness close that arm back down.


Now you can cut the yarn from the ball of working yarn.


Now you take the pom pom maker and begin to cut down the middle of each arm.


Now you need to cut off a fairly long piece of yarn from your working yarn and wrap it inside of the pom pom maker.


Now you will tie a knot with the yarn that is wrapped around the pom pom maker. This will secure your pom pom so make sure the knot is nice and tight. Once you have the knot done, open up the pom pom maker again and pull the pieces apart.

There you have it a beautiful pom pom. You can take the 2 long strands and use those to anchor into the hat. Feel free to trim up your pom pom as well if needed.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Ribbon:
Using Gold Yarn, chain 35.
Skip last sc, go into 2nd to last and SC in each stitch
Shape into ribbon and sew onto hat

That is our Elmo hat in a nutshell. I hope that this pattern inspires you to create your own Elmo’s. Let us know how they turn out. We would love to get pictures of your creations.

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  2. Linda Gautreau said:

    This is a wonderful hat for a chemo hat but this does not say what type of yarn used or loom.


    • So sorry. This was made on the 36 pegged kniffty knitter loom. The yarn is lion brand. I don’t recall the exact name of the yarn but it was a large weight about 5 and it is not wool.


  3. Betty said:

    How many stitches for the hat


  4. Also how many rows do u do


    • It really depends on the yarn and for whom the hat is for. For a child, we typically knit the hat until it’s 5-5 1/2 inches long, a teenager or woman 6-7 inches and an adult male usually 8 or more inches.


  5. Betty said:

    How many sts for the minion hat for a child


  6. Jo Ann Chadd said:

    Thank you for showing the pom pom maker. I bought one and I haven’t gotten the knack of it. I crochet hats and send them to my niece who is an infant critical nurse for Vanderbilt. Thank you for the new ideas. Bless you!


    • You are very welcome! We are so glad that you like our ideas! The pom pom maker is very simple- I know you will get it down pat very soon! Thank you for stopping by!


  7. Betty said:

    How many stitches do you use for the hat


    • We aren’t sure exactly what you mean with this question. We loom knit so we don’t count stitches. We really just keep going until the hat measures the correct length. Does that help to answer your question?


  8. Sue LaRose said:

    Where do I find the pattern for the strawberry hat?


    • Hi! We don’t remember a strawberry hat do you maybe mean the apple hats we made for NICU babies? If not, can you send the link to the image you are referring to?


  9. Thank you for this pattern of the Elmo hat. I made one and plan to make some more for the Children’s Hospital. The eyes are definitely tricky since I have not crocheted in many years, but they turned out fine. I would love to post a picture but don’t know how to do it here.

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  10. Thanks for the cute free patterns. I loom knitted the elmo hat & am going to watch you tube videos to figure out the crocheted eyes. What size is an “appropriate size crochet hook”, as you staye in the directions. Having never crocheted yet, I don’t know what an appropriate sized hook would be. Thanks.
    Becky M.


    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by– I think the Youtube will tell you what size hook to use! Best of luck! (The Youtubes are what we found– we didn’t make them) 😉


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