Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Unfortunately, this month is kind of odd.  Sam will be getting his chemo the first week of September, and the last day of September.  Wow what a way to bring it and push out Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  To top it off, he has a spinal tap at the end of the month.  And we ALL know how I feel about those.  Let’s talk about spinals for just a minute.  Have any of you that read my blog gotten a spinal?  If you haven’t, count your blessings.  Really.  Sam has had upwards of about 20 or so, and still has four more to go in this final 12 months of treatment.  They take fluid out of his spine, test it to make sure there is no cancer present, and then inject chemo into his spine. 

Stick a needle in his port, draw his blood, give him his chemo, do what ya…

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