Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


These hats were made for a very special family.  Jennifer lost her 23 month old son, Rylan, to Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (AT/RT).  According to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, this tumor is a rare high-grade tumor that occurs most commonly in children younger than 2.  The survival rate for children diagnosed with this tumor under the age of 3 is less than 10 percent.  This statistic is just unbelievable!  We need to start spreading more awareness about the cancers that inflict children and the need for better treatment options.

Jennifer is such a brave and wonderful woman and has been through so much heartache. She told us that she is currently expecting a baby girl, and we knew that we had to make a very special hat for her and her daughter to show how much they love Rylan. The awareness ribbon was the best way we knew how to represent their love and to also help raise awareness.  We made 2 hats for Jennifer’s baby girl, since babies grow so quickly.  Jennifer is so kind that she donated to us a special amount so that we could continue to make hats for many others. We are truly grateful for your gift and wish you all the best.

It is so important that people begin to share the stories of Childhood Cancer so that the world is as aware of it as they are aware of Breast Cancer. You can follow Jennifer on facebook at Ribbons For Rylan.  If at all possible try and do what you can to raise awareness.  Together we can make Childhood Cancer and Cancer in general a thing of the past.
~Pali & Vanessa

Comments on: "Brain Cancer Awareness" (12)

  1. Thank you for dhating this special story


  2. Thank you so much for sharing. It is always so wonderful to see how you are using your talent to help others, it is very inspiring. 🙂


  3. samantha rowe said:

    I would love one of the these hats for my son. He was diagnosed with atrt a month ago. He starts chemo on Wednesday and we live in Michigan. Thanks. Please contact me with the price.


    • I am sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis. Our hats are absolutely free! However, we gladly accept donations to cover shipping costs and yarn purchases. We request a minimum of $5 to cover shipping costs for in the US. If you want to pay via paypal, our paypal account is knittingraysofhope@gmail.com
      Have you filled out the Request a Hat form? The link is https://knittingraysofhope.wordpress.com/about/request-a-hat
      Please include the type of hat you are requesting, your son’s favorite colors or interests. Please tell us how old he is and what size he wears so we can make sure the hat fits properly. Thank you 🙂


  4. Brianna Bourassa said:

    Hi there, I had written a post on this a few weeks ago and cannot find it. Being a survivor I wanted to send along my sincere gratitude for you doing this. This time I would like to see if you have a recommendation for a loom so that I can spend some time creating some of these treasures and pay it forward. I will also be completing a request form. I appreciate your advice on getting started making some. Thanks!


    • Hello- thank you for sharing your survivor story! How wonderful that you are anxious to get involved and pay it forward! We use the Knifty Knitter brand looms- which are round and found at your local craft stores or sometimes online for a discounted price. We have collected some YouTube videos (done by other people) that really help beginners start. The link to the tutorials page is https://knittingraysofhope.wordpress.com/tutorials

      We would love to see your creations!


  5. Brianna Bourassa said:

    Thank you for your quick response and the links of the videos. I will certainly share as I go – am very excited too! I hope I can pull it off. I have a relative that is going to help teach me and participate as well. Keep doing what you’re doing – we need more of this in the world!



    • We are very excited too! We love hearing about new loomers! The online loom knitting community is very helpful & supportive! Please stop by here frequently and keep us in the loop! Have a great day!


  6. Amy Landin said:

    My brother has just been diagnosed with brain cancer, so I want to learn how to make one of these


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