Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Fruits of Labor

Since we had such a successful looming class last month (looming story here), we decided that it would be great to host a few more loom and learn sessions. Last week we got together with a group of 12 wonderful ladies, and they surprised  us by donating their first creations to be included in our next delivery. The fruits of their labor are pictured below:

Joaine’s Creation:


Marie’s Creation:


Linda’s Creation:


Kim’s Creation:


Sandra has always been one of our greatest helpers and she helped organize the event which we are truly greatful for. She also came by with some donations of her own:


We are so happy that we have had the opportunity to teach and inspire others to help our cause and make hats for Chemo Warriors and NICU babies. We are going to gathering together again for a “Lunch & Loom” session again today, and are so excited to meet with everyone and continue to gather support for our cause. It is truly inspiring to see so many wonderful ladies happy to join us in making a difference. We are always open to more helpers. Let us know if you are interested.


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