Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


I made a purple envelope hat for 1 of our special requests, but I don’t think it’s big enough, so it’ll be included in our next children’s delivery of chemo caps.  I will make another one, a little longer for the special request and include a little more detailed how-to guide in that post.

Yesterday, we did a furniture swap and started going through a lot of my sister-in-law’s stuff.  Death is so ugly, so final.  Dealing with the business side of death is also so ugly, something no one wants to do but it has to be done.  Unless you have done it, you really have no idea of what really needs to be done.  All the nitty gritty details, all the drab business.  Going through material possessions, fighting the tears, living the memories, making decisions, remembering and wishing for things that can’t be changed.

It’s difficult without her- Wanda, my sister (-in-law).  Everyone loved her, so many people.  Me -I loved her and miss her everyday.


Comments on: "Purple Envelope Hat with Pom-Poms" (4)

  1. It’s all so emotionally exhausting to do that. I remember when I had to do that at my mother’s house after she passed. I had to break it up over many days because every hour seemed like a day. A painstaking process to be sure!


    • We have alot of work left to do… my garage is filled and smells like her. At least all the big stuff is situated! It is very emotionally draining. 😦 some people just don’t understand…They think it just magically happens. I guess oblivion is their happiness.


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