Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


It’s a small world and it’s lovely when you are inspired to action!  A while back, when my sister-in-law was in the midst of her chemotherapy, my path crossed with a beautiful, young lady.

My sister-in-law and I were waiting for her chemo drugs to be mixed and did our routine of dropping off the loom knitted creations into the basket.  We usually did this together, since it allowed fellow chemo warriors to connect with Wanda.  I, in fact, would wait to make sure she was with me before I delivered hats- at that point, I was really hesitant about sharing our grassroots cause.  I didn’t want anyone to think I was doing this for the glory or to impress anyone and felt that if I spoke about it, people would think I am a “showy” type of person.  I also enjoyed how social Wanda could be, she would just walk in the room and infect everyone with her beautiful smile and positive attitude.  During these times, when we would do the deliveries (the placement of the hats into the basket), many people shared their stories with us and hugged us; you could see the comradery building and making each other stronger and more hopeful.  I enjoyed how it affected Wanda and her chemo sessions.

It was during one of these hat deliveries/chemo sessions, that I looked upon a beautiful face that seemed so familiar to me.  She must have recognized me as well because her auntie asked me if I was “me”.  I said, “Yes. I am “me”!”  And the auntie asked if I remembered Riddhi, her niece.  The minute she said her name, I remembered her, though I remember her by her nickname and about 4 or 5 years old, not 20 something.  Her family and my family were very close friends, and they are included in some of my fondest childhood memories.  Unfortunately, her uncle was also having chemotherapy.  We began talking and catching up; I think the uncle even wanted one of my chemo caps I made, which deeply touched me.  It was a great blast from the past.

Some time had passed, and sadly her uncle lost his battle to cancer.  We were connected a bit and followed each others’ lives through pictures online.  And in late December, my sister-in-law lost her battle to pancreatic cancer.  Life was difficult for both our families as we muddle through the after effects of cancer.   Recently, Riddhi reached out to me and was interested in donating her creations

I am so impressed by her hats: love the yarn- the colors and texture.  It’s great for the summer, not too warm, itchy or suffocating.  These hats are breathable and won’t make any heads sweat in the summer heat.  She learned from some of the YouTube tutorials we have on our blog.  She promised me she would continue and was inspired to be part of our team.

After our brief visit, I found myself reminiscing.  I remembered many good times with her and her family.  Her father was always one of my favorite “uncles”,  <close family friend>.  Even his name translates to happiness/ laughter, and I always remember having a great time when our families were together.  When we grew up and I was planning on marrying my high school sweetheart, we looked to him to help us find the perfect wedding rings.  He blessed us with a great ring and a really good deal, while always smiling.

I can’t wait to see more beautiful creations from my childhood friend and hope to be able to get reacquainted as adults.

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