Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month.   According the American Brain Tumor Association (link), brain tumors are the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children  (under the age of 20), second to Leukemia.  There are many campaigns out there to increase awareness, educate the people, but the one message that stuck with me is:  “I could be your child.”  I just couldn’t imagine the anguish that these families experience.  The National Brain Tumor Society (link) has a great website for education, awareness, how to become an advocate for Brain Cancer.

As discussed here, we are hoping to bring increased awareness, so in honor of May being Brain Cancer Awareness Month, I created this hat.

greyribbonI wrote up a pattern, as suggested when we participated in the Link Up Party.  This is my first time writing a pattern, so if you have any feedback that could help me, I would greatly appreciate hearing it.

<Free Pattern>
I made this hat on a 36 peg loom for a woman.

To create a this brim
Row 1: e-wrap the pegs
Row 2: purl stitch
Row 3:  e-wrap stitch
Row 4: purl stitch
Row 5:  e-wrap stitch
Row 6: purl stitch

For the rest of the hat
e-wrap  until the hat is 7 inches long (from bottom of brim to top)
My row count is 28 (not including the brim)

To close the hat
On last row of e-wrap, cut 12 inches of the yarn.  Thread this yarn thru a tapestry needle, and take each stitch off the peg.  When all stitches are removed from the pegs, pull the hat closed.  Make a cross (sew the yarn in a + at the top of the stitches) and then go in through the top of the hat.  Make a knot inside the hat and cut off the excess yarn.

You may have a tail near the brim.  You can make sure to secure it with a knot, very close to the brim and cut off the excess yarn.

Crochet the Special Awareness Ribbon
Using Charisma yarn and a crochet hook size K
HDC- Half Double Crochet
Chain 33 single crochets
Skip last 2 in the chain, and HDC in each stitch until you get to the beginning slip knot.
End with a slip knot to secure all stitches

Shape into a ribbon and sew onto the hat using a tapestry needle

I plan to deliver this hat with a few others that we have at the Kaiser Oncology Department in Ontario, where my sister-in-law used to receive her treatment.  We will see how that goes… I think it’s time and I know they are needed, though I am not sure if I am strong enough to make this drop off without tears.  I really miss her…

Comments on: "Brain Cancer Awareness" (14)

  1. What you’re doing is lovely, take heart an try to be strong. Crying doesn’t mean your not strong either!


    • Thank you! And I am so glad that crying doesn’t equate to weakness because I’ve been a leaky faucet all day yesterday & today. 😦 It has even affected my 8 year old son. As I drove him to school this morning, silent tears were just falling from his face. I asked him what’s wrong and he replied that he misses Auntie. 😦

      Thank you for your support and listening/reading.


  2. Brianna said:

    I stumbled across this through pinterest and I’m so glad I did. Such an inspiration. I am a brain tumor survivor & a very passionate advocate. I can’t wait to try this pattern & spend my winter making hats for the pediatric unit st my hospital Dana Farber and Beth Israel. I haven’t crocheted in years but looking forward to a new challenge, thank you o much for sharing!


    • Thank you! Welcome to our community- where we love survivors, stories of their triumph and passionate advocates! We hope that you will share pictures of your creations and keep connected with us. There are loom knitting tutorials on our tutorials page that may help if you want to give loom knitting a try- I find it much easier than crocheting, though I am not a “crafty” type person.
      Hope you have a fantastic day!


  3. Adrianna said:

    Love the hats! I’m a brain tumor survior myself & i think its amazinq what yu are doinq. Keep it up ☺


    • Thank you for stopping by and your kind words! I am happy to meet you and hope you follow us- we would love to have you in our community! Hope you have a great day!


  4. Thank you for sharing the pattern!! 🙂


  5. Joey Hiraldo said:

    I live in Puerto Rico and just saw your page. I am loom knitting hats for the Oncology and Pediatrics floors of a children’s hospital in the San Juan area. I have 4 other friends loom knitting and crocheting hats and so far have 17 at home and 15 more to be delivered. My next project will be adult hats for the chemo unit where I had my chemo – I am a breast cancer survivor of six years. Bless you for your work and for this pattern. I fractured my wrist and can only crochet a little while but am faster with the loom.


    • Thank you for sharing your story! We think it’s very awesome of you to give back by making hats! We would love for you to share pictures of your creations! Congratulations on beating breast cancer! May God continue to bless you!


  6. Ruthann Blank said:

    this would be cool if anyone can make this for all the different cancers out there besides brain cancer I might try and do one for breast cancer awarness and esophogeal cancer awareness. thanks for sharing this Denise


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