Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


This hat was created especially for Liam at: Liam’s Leaps and Bounds. Liam has been fighting an unknown disease since birth. He has had many surgeries that have been very difficult for him. Please show Liam some love and visit his facebook page (link) to learn more about him and how you can help. Be sure to let thme know that Knitting Rays of Hope sent you.

We learned from Liam’s mother that he loved monsters so I took the challenge of creating my very first monster hat. I asked my son who is around the same age as Liam for some help picking the colors for the monster. I hope that Liam agreed with his color choices. I created the brim by purl stitching the first row then e-wrapping the next for 4 rows. I then e-wrapped the green coloring for the monster. I crocheted the embellishments and then sewed them onto the hat.

The first hat pictured above was a bit small. So fortunately, Liam’s mom knew of  a great little boy who could use the hat, Liam’s best buddy Mighty Kellan. Mighty Kellan has been suffering from an unknown illness as well as Liam. We were happy that he could use the hat. Please also show some love to Mighty Kellan at his facebook page (link).

And here is the wonderful Liam in his Monster hat:


Look at this handsome boy. What a great smile. He makes the best monster ever. Thank you Liam for sending us this wonderful picture and we hope it makes you smile on tough days. Wishing you the greatest of health and happiness.

Comments on: "A Monster Hat for Liam" (5)

  1. You are a bright & shining star! I look forward to every post so I’ve seriously nominated you for this “Super Sweet Blogging Award”… woohoo! ❤


    • Thank you so much. The award is truly appreciated. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you:)


      • You’re welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome! I love your blog, it reminds me how lucky I am and that knitting can be more than a hobby…it can be a worthy cause. I am a bit awed by you and find inspiration in it with every post.


    • Awww, how kind! I’m glad to hear you enjoy our posts. Your support inspires us to proceed and aim higher! I intend to write about the Super Sweet Blogging Award soon- sorry it’s been a while (looks like fun)
      🙂 Have a great day!


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