Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


When we connected with Mighty Caleb (link), we also connected with his friend, Jayden.  Jayden’s mom informed us that Jayden is “Caleb’s ATRT buddy and would love a matching hat on the other side of the globe”.  Jayden is an extraordinary 2 year old boy who has already underwent 7 hours of brain surgery, survived meningitis and began a trial that involved chemotherapy, radiation and chemo with stem cell transplant. Jayden is a true inspiration to us and to follow his story or show support to his family, you can “like” their facebook page (link) and be sure to tell them we sent you.

From his Facebook About page:

“Jayden proved to be a true soldier through it all and kept on fighting no matter what was thrown at him. Those 8 months proved to be the toughest 8 months of his life thus far and ours as parents to witness. No words can truly describe how crushing and heartbreaking it is to watch your child suffer and not be able to stop it. To hold their hand and tell them everything is going to be ok, when you don’t know that it will. That nothing in your power can make it better no matter how much you wish for it.

Jayden is still with us and a happy two year old boy once again, but the fear of his cancer returning some day is with us each day as well.
No child should have to go through this, nor family live this nightmare.”


We are just so thankful to Jayden for sending us this wonderful picture to share. Jayden you are so brave and strong and have absolutely won our hearts over with your beautiful smile. We will continue to pray that your fight with cancer is over and forever behind you. This Saturday, 5/18th will be Jayden’s birthday.  Please stop by and wish a Happy Birthday to this adorable little boy who has already fought so many battles in his young life.


Comments on: "Mike Wazowski for Jayden" (6)

  1. My niece is nicknamed Boo….she really started talking when this movie first came out. I love this!


  2. This is an incredible post by the way, tearing up a bit.


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