Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Because we wanted to make meaningful and beautiful hats for a previous request (link), we had extra Homespun blue yarn and 2 colon cancer awareness ribbons crocheted.  So my daughter  loom knitted 2 adult sized hats in the blue Homespun yarn, and Vanessa sewed on the ribbons that I crocheted.    Homespun yarn is a bit of a catch-22 for me.  The yarn is very, very soft and comes in beautiful colors.  One skein seems to last forever, yielding many hats from it.  However, the yarn is textured and tends to fray at the ends so it becomes sometimes, frustrating to loom knit with.  But I am grateful that my daughter has the patience to learn the nuances and work around them, as the hats are beautiful.

Vanessa and I have had many discussions about hats, the Knitting Rays of Hope cause, our goals and a road map on accomplishing some of our goals.  One of these discussions was about featuring the months’ awareness ribbons, such as November is the Purple Ribbon for Pancreatic Cancer.  Actually this was a very, very long discussion, and because of so many obstacles, we had to put this idea on the back burner.  Well, I think that these hats have brought this idea into the forefront once again.  We can make hats (at least a few) for that month’s awareness color/ribbon.  I hope to start on that very soon, once we get all the special hat requests completed.

There was a little ball of blue Homespun yarn left, and my daughter made this for a baby in the NICU.  The hat is so very soft.


Now, thankfully the yarn is completely gone.

Comments on: "Hats for Specific Causes" (9)

  1. I would be interested in some of these hats for my Superman. Because he has microcephaly – his head is still the size of a newborn and even the newborn hats in the stores don’t fit him (I don’t know what babies they measure for those things!) – but he has epilepsy and cerebral palsy and I love these awareness caps! If you sell them I would be interested in finding out how much you would charge for two newborn sized hats and then getting two larger ones for his sister for support. Epilepsy is purple and CP is green (as well as TBI is green which we have both) – these are so amazing! If you would like to know more about my Superman you can find his story at http://livingwithsuperman.wordpress.com

    and I shared your website on my facebook several days ago! I just think your hats and your cause is amazing!


    • We do not charge for our hats, we only ask for a donation of $5.00 to cover the shipping charges. We would be honored to make hats for your son and daughter. For your son, would you like a specific character hat or would you like us to just create a hat with the colors purple and green? Could you give me an idea about how big your sons head is and how old your daughter is so that we can get the hat sizes right?
      Thank you for your kind words and sharing our site. We will be sure to share your blog on our Facebook as well as our blog. We love to write a story about all of our friends that we send hats to when we get a picture of them wearing the hats we made.


  2. I haven’t been able to respond to you through email for some reason, and I haven’t been able to reach you on facebook probably because of the busy weekend or that dreaded ‘other’ folder – what is your paypal for donations please?


  3. Connie strauss said:

    I have colon cancer not afraid of this journey, my daughter has taken it on to be my care giver and would love a cap for us mine to cover the hair loss hers in my support how do I go about ordering?


    • Hi Connie, We sent you a FB message. We are sending our thoughts and prayers to you and your daughter. What a wonderful daughter you have!


  4. Jillian R said:

    I love these hats! I’m a Colon Cancer Survivor! On July 31, 2015 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.. I’m 32..I had major surgery to remove a foot of my Colon..4 to 5 lymph nodes.. Part of my liver..September 21, 2015..did Chemotherapy treatment.. February 24, 2016..finished chemotherapy treatment..all test are still clear


    • Thank you so much for sharing your story! We are so happy to hear that you are clear…still! 🙂 You are a strong Survivor! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers for continued blessings!


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