Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

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Yes, we are in Southern California.  Yes, we have to drive to the mountains to actually experience snow, and carefully plan the drive after a rain storm. Yes, it’s been a very dry year, almost drought like.  But we LOVE the snow!  “Why is that?”, you may ask?  Well, because when we have friends that are stuck in the house because of a blizzard, we get a huge box full of hats!

We were just so excited last night to open up 2 boxes FULL of hats!  Cindy and her daughter, Brittni sent us 130 hats from South Dakota (40 hats for children chemo warriors and 90 NICU hats).  Our hats go off (pun intended) to Cindy and Brittni for such a remarkable gift.  Though I knew to be expecting hats from Cindy, to actually see and touch this many hats made and sent to our cause amazes and truly touches me.  Cindy mentioned that because of the snow they had a little extra time to create hats,  so now I am doing the “Snow Dance” for South Dakota to keep the hats coming this way (lol).    Yesterday was a difficult day, and I found myself getting a little disheartened.  But that quickly changed when I saw these hats.  These shipments prove that what we are doing is good and should continue… Cindy and Brittni inspired me, motivated my competitive side, though I hardly think I can match 140 or even 70 hats.   But I will give it a good try!

Thank you so much Cindy & Brittni!  There are just not enough words to show you how touched we are and the gratitude we feel for you.


Comments on: "We Love the Snow!" (2)

  1. Never give up ..what you are doing is wonderful and the joy you bring to others…small things grow to be big things!!!!


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