Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Thank you to JRBarker101 who nominated us for this wonderful award. We are very appreciative of your support.

The Very inspiring Blogger Award, the rules are as follows:

*Display the award on your blog

*Link back to the person who nominated you

*State 7 things about yourself

*Nominate 15 bloggers

We nominate

Super Ty Louis Campbell

NYC Hats for Hope Initiative

Cancer Kickin Girl

Blubyrd’s Blessings

My Lymph Node Transplant

Hollowed Out

Daughter of Cancer

Crochet Thoughts

Crayons and Milk

Never Give up

Love Infinitely

Tiny Super Heroes

Iris Loom Knit & Crochet for Poor People

This is My Life

Because I Said I Would

Seven things about Ourselves

Addicted to yarn

Frequent pinterest at all hours for hat inspiration

Big Hearts

Picky Eaters

Ice cream is out go to when life gets us down

Love a good book



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