Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Mike Wazowski


I made 2 Mike Wazowski hats, you know, from Monsters, Inc. (the movie).  This movie is probably one of my favorite movies, because it take me back to a time when my children were young.  My daughter loved the movie, but my boy, about 4 years old, became obsessed with this movie.  We watched it soooo much, that all of 4 of us knew every single line.  We could really mute the movie and do the voices ourselves!  I made some Mike & Sully hats about a year ago, and they were quite a hit with my family.  Everyone had requested one, so I went and bought many skeins of this green yarn- perfect for Mike. However, I only made 1 for my baby nephew and that’s about as far as it went…. you know, the cobblers’ children going without shoes and all.  But my children and nephews are very understanding and know that I am making hats for people who really need them.  Gosh I am very lucky to have a supportive family— they gush over my creations and completely understand if I don’t give them one.  I am one lucky girl!

Well it was about April, last year when I made the Mike & Sully hats, so naturally I needed to compare the photos.  Oh My!  I think I am embarrassed with my previous creations now.  Back then, I was extremely proud of them, but now, a year later, I am a little embarrassed with my lack of skills.   At the risk of sounding conceited, I am very proud of my hats (pictured above).  My crocheting has really improved (really really- as Shrek would say).   But below are last year’s creations and Arghh- <hiding>.

ch_MonstersINCSully & Mike from last year

I guess I would win the Most Improved Award for our team, since my crocheting was the most which needed lots of improvement!  I have grown, and I am proud of the growth.  My crocheting skills have definitely improved.  But we have grown also in this great cause.  When we first started it, I was very reluctant, hesitant to do much PR, as it seemed like our good deeds should be private acts and not publicized.  However, if you want others to care and get involved, you must tell them what you are doing.  If you want to spread awareness for your cause or for diseases you want to see cured, you must share and connect, and inform others.  I now realize it’s not gloating or looking for attention/praise, it’s building a team, connecting, spreading awareness and getting others to care and contribute.

And since last April, we have grown.  We have connected with more caring knitters in other cities and in other states!  We have expanded our hospitals/oncology centers that we donate to and have already donated over 550 hats.  We are connected with some really wonderful people : we have 215 Facebook friends, 46 people who follow our blog, 61 people who follow us on Twitter, and 147 followers on Pinterest.  We are getting requests for hats for children who are battling all sorts of horrible diseases.  I am proud of our growth and can’t wait to see how much improvement we will see in this upcoming year!

You can help spread awareness by sharing our cause through your personal favorite social media website or all of them.  🙂

Facebook- www.facebook.com/KnittingRaysOfHope

Pinterest- www.pinterest.com/knittngrayshope

Twitter- www.twitter.com/KnittngRaysHope

Thank you


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