Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

nicusI think we are close to our monthly goal, if not over our goal, thanks to everyone who has already donated to Knitting Rays of Hope.  <BTW I love to overachieve our goals>!!  We have a few friends who will give us some hats before our next shipment as well!   I think that’s so awesome, how everyone is pulling together.  I even taught my sister how to loom yesterday.  She has been asking and telling me she wants to get started, but yesterday was the first day we really had available to actually make it happen.  I am excited to have given her a set of Knifty Knitter looms, and a skein of yarn, both I found on sale, to get her started.   So if I am counting correctly, we have had at least 10 other ladies recently contributed to our cause.  Our team is growing and I am so grateful for everyone.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations, as they are all so unique and creative; I just know how happy it will make the recipients of Team HopeRays’ hats.

The hats, in the above picture, were created by Cathy, Leticia and Carolyn.  And you can see  just in this picture, though the stitch is the same, how unique and creative each knitter’s style is.

So grateful!


Comments on: "GO! Team HopeRays GO!" (2)

  1. Alicia Lopez said:

    Hi Knitting Rays of Hope, Our girl scout troop made some loom hats and we would like to get an address to mail them to. Thanks.

    Alicia G. Lopez Troop 5366 Leader Cell: 619-972-1036


    • How wonderful! We look forward to receiving these. You can mail them to:
      Pali Wilson
      382 North Lemon
      Box 241
      Walnut, CA 91789

      Thank you again!


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