Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Leticia has been telling us for awhile now that she was going to start making hats.  We had started to believe that she never would.  (lol)    But look at what she brought us! These hats are so beautiful and we could not appreciate Leticia more for helping us donate hats. She was able to learn how to create hats so easily and even made the flowers herself. She made 11 hats for babies in the NICU and 1 chemo cap for a special child.  We would like to send a  very big thank you to our newest contributor and can’t wait to see what she creates next.


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  1. Reblogged this on MindSync and commented:
    I think this blog site is worth recognizing and I love what they are doing!


  2. angels2send said:

    when my mom was dying of cancer my sister, after a long day as school nurse of an elementary school, got to the hospital and realized she had forgotten to bring any of the caps she had washed for my mom. so she went and bought one. it really broke my heart. in our village knitters have covered every door knob and post and a lot of trees with knitting. it looks okay, but there are better things to do with knitting…

    homeless people in the winter, and those leaving our earth, the elderly in nursing homes, and beloved daughters trying to maintain some sense of dignity while watching a beloved mother die. and babies…who knows how long they will be with us?

    i love what you´re doing too!


  3. Lauragumm re blogged this … What a wonderful idea… I am now following.. 🙂


  4. gospelofbarney said:



  5. At the Cancer Center I work at, there is no end to the donations from individuals and groups. My favorites at the beautiful hats, scarves, and heart pillows (good for many things, but designed to soften the rub of a seat belt against a chest port). Always so lovely and so appreciated by patients and their families!


    • Thank you for the comment. It is so good to hear that the hats really make a difference. The heart pillow is such a beautiful idea.


  6. I love this. I work at a hospital in the administration department. We have some very special elderly volunteers who knit/crochet hats for all of our newborns. It’s such a treat to see them, that I will frequently pick up baby yarn to give them. I feel blessed to have these special ladies in our life and donating yarn to them gives me such a warm feeling.
    God bless you for doing this ❤


    • It’s wonderful that you help the knitters with yarn donations, as that can become quite costly. I am so glad to be apart of something so wonderful and proud of our team of loom knitters, who range in age starting at 14 years old. 🙂 We even have 2 boys on our team to help us tag and prep the hats for shipments! Thank you for your kind words and love that we are connected.


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