Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Honey Bunnies


I created these lovely Honey Bunny hats just for some adorable bunny bundles of joy that are born on Easter. These bunny hats were included in our last delivery but I thought that it would be fitting to feature them on our Easter post. I made the hats using the standard e-wrap with a brim that is 1 row purl 1 row knit. I made the ears by crocheting ovals and then sewing them onto the hat. The white yarn in the middle I had lying around and I thought that it just made the perfect fuzzy ear. Although it was pretty hard to work with. It was almost impossible to see my stitches. But I think that they were worth the aggravation.

I love Easter time as it has been the time that has brought me such great joy. For each of my pregnancies, I found out right before Easter time and I told my families that we were expecting Honey Bunnies on Easter. To this day my mother in law always gets anxious hoping that I will make another announcement of a new Honey Bunny on the way.

I hope that everyone enjoys their Easter and please remember to spend some wonderful quality time with your family and friends. It isn’t about the holiday we are celebrating it is about the company we keep during the holidays. Happy Easter!


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