Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Janine made the three hats pictured above. I just love the peach blue colored one. Janine has a great eye for color and really is a bit more creative than me, that is for sure. She made the pom pom at the top by just using her fingers, and I think that is definitely a great talent. I absolutely need my little pom pom maker to create one that looks decent on the hat. For all of these hats, Janine created the look by purling one row and knitting one row two times to create the brim and then e-wrapping the rest of the hat.


Grace created the beautiful blue and mint green hat pictured above. She has such a unique way of making hats. We always joke saying that every hat she makes is unique and she can never create two exactly the same. She tells us that she gets bored doing the same stitches so she changes it up and somehow they come out beautifully.  I am so jealous that she can make these hats so easily, because I am more the type that has to map out exactly what I am going to do in order for it to come out. Even when I map things out they don’t  always work out as I intended. We love all the support that we have been getting and are so excited to have so many people help us out in making hats for our NICU babies and Cancer Warriors.


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