Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Hunny Bunnies

Easter is coming!  Easter is coming!  Once I realized that Easter was this month, not April, I began working on bunnies.  Here are some bunny hats for babies in the NICU.  To make these hats, I followed my usual pattern of a garter stitched brim to allow for adjustments to fit the babies’ heads.  The rest of the hat is e-wrapped.  The bunny ears are crocheted following this pattern.

Easter reminds me of my grandmother, because when I was little, I would go visit her in Ohio on Easter Break.  And yes, they called it Easter Break when I was in elementary school!  Things were so different back then.  My mother would send me on an airplane by myself to Ohio, trusting the stewardesses to help me when I needed help.  And coming from California, Ohio really did Easter up!  There were yard decorations and decorations in the house, things I never saw in California for Easter, perhaps because Ohio was welcoming Spring and the end of the snow; perhaps because of the religious importance of this holiday…   My grandmother and I would make all kinds of Easter chocolates, bunnies, chicks, crosses in milk, white and pink chocolate.  My grandmother would make a fabulous Easter dinner with a cake that was either a cute bunny, baby chick or a cuddly lamb.  Aww, Easter reminds me of great, loving times with my grandmother, who passed April 15, 2006 and inspires me to make Easter special for others.

I also created a bunny hat for a pediatric Cancer Warrior using the toddler sized round loom.  The brim is garter stitched (1 row e-wrap and 1 row purl).  The rest of the hat is e-wrapped and the bunny ears are the same pattern as I referred to above, just a bit longer.  I hope that the ears flop around as the child who wears this hat hops around.


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