Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Sandra’s Visit


Sandra came by to drop off these 14 beautiful hats for babies in the NICU that she made over the holiday break.  The colors are just right for baby girls in February.  I am amazed with how Sandra can stop and start new colors to make these beautiful hats because I just don’t have that eye.  A lot of these hats had pom-poms adorned on the top.  When I first saw Sandra, I thought she looked beautiful and asked her about her new hair style.  She informed me that she had it cut and donated to Locks of Love.  Sandra’s brief visit helped me; she touched my heart and made me realize how grateful I am to know such great people.

I am having a difficult time doing much in life, let alone blogging or loom knitting.  On December 27, 2 days after Christmas, my beautiful sister-in-law earned her angel wings, after a 16 month courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.   She has touched so many lives with her spirit, that many of us are left empty and hurting.  I would like to share more, but simply cannot at this time because my feelings are too raw, though I hope to share a lot more about how amazing she was (just a bit later).  I love her and miss her and am trying to do all the necessary things that one must do in a day, without crumbling.

I greatly appreciate your prayers, thoughts of support, and friendship.

PS- A blog that we follow, Cancer Kickin’ Girl, just posted about educating yourself and spreading the awareness about Pancreatic Cancer.  There is no early detection with this cancer!  The anger and dismay resonates deeply with me.  The link is “Thank You for Educating Yourself about Pancreatic Cancer”.


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