Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Frosty Family

These snowmen came out very cute and were so simple to make.  The middle Frosty was probably the most complex of the three and I wouldn’t even say that was challenging at all.  In fact, matching the pom-poms colors to complement was probably the most difficult task for these hats.

For this lil’ snowman, I roughly followed a pattern on Loom Lore’s blog for the black hat part.  The blue brim is a garter stitch (1 row e-wrap and 1 row purl) for 6 rows).  The white is e-wrapped and the black hat brim follows the pattern on Loom Lore’s blog.  I used a flat drawstring bind off.  I also used Loom Lore’s pattern for the nose on the spool loom.

This chilly friend was a simple e-wrapped brim and face.  When I got to the cap for the snowman, I purled 2 rows to create a little bit of a brim effect and then e-wrapped and closed normally.  The carrot nose was made on the spool loom.

I hope to make many more of these snowmen hats for children to enjoy.  I am hoping that they will be worn even into January.  🙂


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