Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Gingerbread Family

Just in time for Christmas, my daughter made the NICU gingerbread girl and I made the 2 gingerbread hats for children.  Gingerbread is usually filling our house this time of year.  The kids always make a gingerbread structure, a house or a train or something out of a kit.  And we usually make gingerbread cookies in shapes of gingerbread men, but certainly not limited to them.  We use ALL the cookie cutters and have gingerbread footballs and airplanes and hearts and bells.  When my boy saw these hats, he suggested we take gingerbread cookies for tomorrow’s dessert.  I wonder if we can make gingerbread turkeys…

NICU Gingerbread girl

So proud of my daughter for making this little hat for a baby girl in the NICU.  For the gingerbread (brown) part, she garter stitched the brim for 4 rows (1 row e-wrap and then 1 row purl).  She then e-wrapped the rest and used a flat drawstring bind off with a little help from me.  I then crocheted a row on the bottom and made the pink dimples.  Vanessa helped by making this little gingerbread girl a bow and sewed her face on.

For this gingerbread man, I made child sized hat on the 36 peg loom and the length is 6 1/2 inches.  The brim is a garter stitch in green & red yarn for 8 or so rows.  The rest of the hat is e-wrapped.  The red dimples are crocheted circles.

This gingerbread “lady” is also a child sized hat with a brown garter stitched brim and the rest is in an e-wrap stitch.  The border is crocheted with red and white yarn and makes the hat a little bell shaped on the bottom, which in my opinion, makes it look like a gingerbread lady.  The red dimples are also crocheted circles.

I think it certainly requires mentioning that all the brown yarn used to make these gingerbread people was donated by Lisa, remember this post?  Thank you again, Lisa.  Your contributions make a huge difference.

I hope that these gingerbread hats will bring the joy of the season to families enduring difficult times.


Comments on: "Gingerbread Family" (2)

  1. Apolonia said:

    Omg these are sooo cute…. U guys are sooo talented


    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Your comments are so appreciated and keep us motivated! Give hugs to lil’ Matthew from both of us!


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