Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Envelope Hat

This is my second envelope style hat that I have ever created.  This first one was purple and I followed a pattern that said to e-wrap a flat panel for 18 inches.  Though it was cute, and I think these style hats for little girls are darling,  I didn’t like the purple one I made because the cast on & cast off created 2 different styles.  So the brim in the front looks different than the one in the back.  It was probably something I did incorrectly, but I couldn’t figure it out.

So for this envelope style hat, I e-wrapped it on a round loom that has 36 pegs on it.  I folded up the brim all around and it’s uniformed from all angles.  I continued to e-wrap until I go to my desired length, which is 6 inches.  And I did a crochet bind off.  With 2 pom-poms on the top, this hat will surely make a little cancer warrior smile in style!


Comments on: "Envelope Hat" (2)

  1. How did you bind off on this envelope hat?


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