Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.  Everything should be turned purple, in my humble opinion.  The odds for beating this horrible disease are shocking and grim.   In 2012, about 44,000 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  This type of cancer has a poor prognosis and projections indicate that by the year, 2020, pancreatic cancer, which is currently the fourth ranked, will move to the second leading cause of cancer death.

In July, 2010, my family was given the horrible news that my sister-in-law will be in the fight for her life.  I have HOPE that Wanda will be able to beat the horrible odds, and we don’t pay attention to the horrible stats mentioned above.  We focus on what we know. I know that she is young, 42 years and strong.  I know she is loved!  I know that she is a mother to 2 wonderful boys, one is 17 years old and the other will be 11 soon.  These boys are her source for life, her source for fighting this horrible hand she was dealt.

Last month, I was looking for equality in awareness for other cancers in addition to breast cancer; I was questioning why breast cancer ranked more importantly than other cancers.  I sent out requests via Causes.com to turn the NFL & Facebook purple to spread pancreatic cancer awareness. I questioned, but I was not alone.  I am happy to share that FOX Sports will raise awareness about pancreatic cancers during the 2012-13 NBA (Basketball) and NHL (hockey) seasons  (link).  This is a victory in my book and am so proud that the FOX Sports employees voted to support Pancreatic Cancer Action Network!

In May, we raised over $1500 in our PurpleStride Pancreatic Cancer Walk with Team Wanda Woman!  As a result, we received t-shirts, at least a couple of days this month, I request that you wear that t-shirt.  And if someone asks you about your shirt, stop and talk to them about pancreatic cancer and what they can do to help.  My daughter wears her purple shirt almost weekly to basketball practice.  It makes her feel closer to her Auntie Wanda.  Both of my children have worn the Team Wanda Woman white t-shirt to school this Fall.  You can add a purple ribbon to your Facebook profile picture with this link.    You can wear a simple purple ribbon pinned to your shirt.  Use these and many other tools to spread awareness!  We need a cure NOW!

I encourage you to take the pledge- be a visionary in the fight against pancreatic cancer.  Fight alongside my entire family to cure Pancreatic Cancer!  We fight for Wanda, we fight for Love and we fight as One!  Go Team Wanda Woman!


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  1. It’s definitely a hard fight for both the patient and the family. I hope we can find better ways to detect this early and give people a better chance to survive

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    • I do too. It’s not easy for anybody involved and it makes me so sad that this is something that affects a lot of people. You learn to have a lot of hope, whether it’s for yourself, your loved one, or for advancement in technology and treatment


  2. Sorry, I just realized I replied to my own comment haba


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