Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Preparing hats to be mailed

As we prepared the hats to send to Downey, we counted 28 NICU hat and 1 frankenstein child sized hat.  We tagged the hats and took our pictures for you to see. When we put them in the box, we found room for a few more hats.

Room for more

Room for More Hats

Luckily, we have some child sized hats that were just waiting to be enjoyed by a young cancer warrior.  So we included 4 more children’s hats.  And our total for this shipment is now 28 NICU and 5 child sized hats equalling 32 hats shipped today.

4 more hats

4 more hats to be sent for children battling cancer

Our grand total of hats made and delivered to date is:

139 for Cancer Warriors- young and young at heart
167 for NICU patients
306 Grand total

Pretty impressive!  But I can only imagine if more people were involved- what our numbers would look like!   Want to learn how to make hats on a loom?  It’s real easy, fun & rewarding- I promise you.

Ready to go

Filled to the brim & ready to be shipped!

As I went searching for tape to seal the box, my friend, Antoinette graciously offered to send the box for us.  I truly am thankful how she helps us out with time, because really who wants to stand in line at the post office?  I am grateful for her deep generosity.   Thanks bunches Ant!


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