Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

93 NICU hats

We were preparing to send our 93 baby hats to the Kaiser Permanente NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit in Downey.  All 93 hats have been tagged thanks to my daughter.  These hats are the non-seasonal (Fall or Halloween) hats, in varying sizes and are for both little boys and girls.

93 Boxed hats

Oops!  As we started boxing our NICU baby hats, we found a little bit more room in the box, so we decided to include the Halloween/Fall hats to this shipment, since we already had 46 completed.

46 Halloween NICU hats

The 46 Halloween/Harvest NICU hats now fill the box to the top and we are ready to ship to Kaiser NICU in Downey. We were hoping to send a little over 80 Fall/Harvest/Halloween style hats to the NICU, so we will probably ship another 40 or so once they are completed in a couple of weeks.

A special thank you goes out to everyone who has donated hats, yarn and money for shipping expenses to make this NICU “drive” a success!  Everyone who has helped is very special, and we are very thankful for your support.  We hope that the families of the babies in the NICU will be touched when they see a little handmade hat keeping their baby’s head warm.


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