Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.


Today is Ty’s 5th birthday! Happy Birthday Ty!  Ty was diagnosed with AT/RT brain cancer when he was only 2 years old and has been fighting ever since.  His birthday wish is for others everywhere to celebrate by sharing his story to help raise awareness of childhood cancer. In order to fulfill his birthday wish and hopefully bring a smile to Ty’s lovely face we celebrated Ty and spread the word with our coworkers.

Ty- We hope that today is full of smiles and laughter for you. We pray for you to be healed and to live a full and happy life. You are always in our thoughts, and we will continue to spread your story and spread awareness about the need for a CURE.  Enjoy your special day!

Please join us and Ty’s family in a prayer at 4pm PST today for the healing of this beautiful boy.
You can also donate to the family by visiting Ty’s mothers blog at: www.superty.org.

For Ty’s mother please be sure to do one of the following:

  • Give your kids a piggy back ride today and when they ask “one more time!” – give them another one
  • Let them play with play-doh, glitter, fingerpaint and all things messy
  • Let your kids have a bubble bath and give them “five more minutes” to play in them
  • Light a candle for Ty tonight
  • Pray for his full physical recovery.  If you are not the praying type, please send positive thoughts for Ty’s healing.

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