Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

4 NICU hats

In an effort to use all this greenish,blue/yellow yarn that reminds me of a dinosaur skin, I was able to create 4 NICU hats for boys.  Each one is a little different, but all were made on a scarf loom using 18 or 16 pegs.  All the hats have the brim that is flexible to fit any size head.  The brim is 1 row e-wrap and 1 row purl for at least 4 rows, some of these hats have 6 or 8 rows for the brim.  On three of the hats, I added a cornflower blue yarn to compliment the dinosaur skin greenish blue/yellow yarn.

And I can proudly claim that I have used all the dinosaur skinned yarn, for boys that is.  Admittedly, I do have the same yarn in reddish, pink/yellow for girl dinosaurs.  But I digress.  My hope is that these hats will keep 4 little baby boys warm while in the NICU and cause their families to smile.


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