Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Have you made a difference today?

I received an interesting email from Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and would like to share some news with you. Pancreatic Cancer is on the rise!  The need for a cure is NOW!  There is a report, The Alarming Rise of Pancreatic Cancer Deaths in the United States: Why We Need to Stem the Tide Today,  released that presented scary findings that by the year 2020, and possibly as early as 2015, pancreatic cancer will move from the fourth leading cause of cancer death to the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. 

The organization has educated Congress about the need to focus research efforts on pancreatic cancer to find a cure and a bill (actually 2 versions) are in the process of being “marked up” by committees in the House and Senate.   “If two versions of the bill still remain after mark-up, they will have to be reconciled in a conference committee of House and Senate members.  Given the short time remaining in this Congress, they could also be negotiated informally.  The compromised bill will then go to the full House and Senate for a vote, and finally to the President for his signature.”

You can get involved and voice your opinion by sending a letter to your senators and representative in the House  asking them to pass this critical bill for pancreatic research.  Click on www.pancan.org/takeaction to urge Congress.  You can personalize your letter for maximum impact.  This will only take a few moments of your day, but You CAN make a difference!  Get involved!  Know It!  Fight It!  End It!

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network


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