Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

As promised, I have begun some Halloween inspired designs with the black cats, ghosts, and pumpkins pictured above. These hats were just so fun to make, but I have to tell you that I am suffering from yarn burn trying to pump out as many hats as I can to meet the NICU deadline. You may wonder what in the world yarn burn is. Many who work with yarn often will probably understand how the yarn rubs on your finger as you wrap it around the loom and if you do that enough times it starts to cause a burn on your finger just like a carpet burn.

To create the ghost hat, you simply loom with the standard e-wrap and do a standard brim. Then I crocheted the eyes and nose following a circle pattern. For the black cat, I did the hat the same and crocheted two triangles for the ears, and I crocheted a leaf pattern for the yellow part of the eyes and then just stitched in the black yarn for the pupils. For the pumpkin I also did the standard e-wrap for the hat with a roll brim and for the stem I crocheted a chain of about 8 and then linked it and did 1 sc in each stitch until I thought I had the correct length and sewed it in to the top. I think that the pumpkin was fairly easy and quick to make so expect to see a few more of those for the Halloween and Fall season soon!


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