Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

3 Frankenstein hats

Inspired by Halloween, I am adding these 3 little Frankie’s to our Halloween NICU baby hat drive.  Our goal is to get at least 60 Halloween/Fall hats for babies in the NICU to be distributed in October to Kaiser in Downey.    Each Frankie is a little different, but the eyes were a teaching opportunity.  I showed my daughter how to make the pupils with  French knots and how to sew them onto the hat as evenly as possibly.

On this hat, I made a flat panel using only 12 pegs on the newborn round loom.

Flat panel

The cast on was a crochet cast on.   I e-wrapped towards the right and purled on the way back to the starting peg.   On the purl row, I e-wrapped the last peg.  To finish the hat, I took the panel off the loom with a crochet bind off.  I folded the hat in half and crocheted the sides closed.  Neck bolts, eyes and the scar were added to the loomed hat.  I then made a spiky flat top for his hair.

For this Lil’ Frankie, I made a regular hat using the newborn round loom.  The first 3 rows are a ribbed stitch (2 pegs e-wrap, 2 pegs purl) to prevent the roll-up and the rest of the hat is e-wrapped in green.  To begin the hair, I changed yarn to black with an e-wrap stitch.  I purled 1 row to give a flat-top look and then e-wrapped for 3 rows and finished the hat with a normal bind off.  Neck bolts, eyes and the scar were added to the loomed hat.

For the third Lil’ Frankie, made the hat the same as the second one, with the 3 rows ribbed and the rest of the hat e-wrapped.  But the bind off was a crochet bind off and that gives it a more flat panel (or envelope type) look to this hat.  And of course the eyes, neck bolts and scar were added to embellish the hat.

My favorite hat is the first one that is a seed stitch flat panel with the spiky flat top, however it seemed to take longer for the flat panel hat.  But to be able to pump out enough hats to make our goal, I might have to stick with the third technique of making a round hat but then finishing it with a crochet bind off to give the appearance of the flat panel type hat.   I hope that these three little Frankensteins inspired you to make some Halloween themed hats.  I would love for you to share your creations with me. Post a comment on our blog or our Facebook page.


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  1. Sandra A Harper said:

    When do the Halloween hats need to be completed? I have some white and orange yard but I don’t quite know how to make the lil candy corn hats.

    Sandra A. Harper
    Administrative Coordinator
    Kellogg Honors College
    909-869-3355 Voice
    909-869-4246 Fax


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