Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Trick or Treat

Halloween Hats
I know… I know.  It’s August and some of you may be thinking it’s way too early to begin thinking about Halloween.  Typically I would agree as I get irritated when I find holiday items displayed too early in the stores. Please believe me that I am NOT trying to rush anything along since I already think time is speeding up as I get older.  However, in order to make sure all little NICU patients receive a Halloween hat during October, we have to start early.  I also had to try new techniques with the candy corn as these are my first attempts at making an elf type hat (pointed at the top).

3 Pumpkins

For these three pumpkins, I loom knitted them using the e-wrap stitch.  All 3 have a brim.  The only difference are the stems that were crocheted in green yarn.  I don’t think any of these took more than 30 minutes including the time to make a stem.


I made a pumpkin hat without a brim in a rib stitch (which is 2 pegs e-wrap and 2 pegs purl for 3 rows) to prevent rolling.  When it was time to close the hat, I changed colors to an army greenish-brown and e-wrapped 3 rows.  The stem is crocheted in the same army greenish-brown and attached after the hat is closed.

What seems like forever has finally happened.  I found Youtube videos on how to do an elf type or toboggan hat, something I have been wanting to try for a long time <remember my smurf fail cupcake?>.    For this hat, I used the scarf loom and e-wrapped around it.  Since the pegs were smaller and some popped out, I had a difficult time even on this simple e-wrap stitch.  I let the brim roll and changed colors 3 times.  As you decrease for the pointy top and close, I saw gaps so I sewed the white triangular part tighter.  A pom pom was made and attached to the candy corn hat.

Candy Corn hat attempt 2- I used the newborn round loom for this hat and tried the decrease on top.  Honestly, this is not how I would do it again as I didn’t get the full triangle point on top.  Though it’s cute and quick enough to make, I had to try another way to make a  better candy corn hat.

My third attempt at the Candy Corn hat was difficult but was well worth the effort.  I used the newborn round loom for the yellow and orange sections.  I then took a scrap piece of yarn and removed the hat from the round loom so it could be placed on the scarf loom.  This is what was difficult and time consuming, making sure each loop was on the appropriate peg and in the correct direction.  I changed colors to the white and did the decrease on the scarf loom exactly like I had done on the 1st hat.  But because I was only working on the scarf loom for a little bit, I didn’t have the issues with the pegs popping off like before.  I sewed the extra gaps on the white sides tighter after the hat was finished.

Ahh, so these are my 1st 7 Halloween hats for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and I am off to make more.  Perhaps I will try a black cat or a little Frankenstein next.


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