Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Red Tails is probably one of my favorite movies.  And after a visit to the store, I found these pretty cute buttons that have cars, trains & airplanes for little boy chemo caps.

I think I started the front flat panel 2 (maybe 3) times.  I have done a flap before on a hippo hat, but this one confused me….maybe it was the garter stitch I was trying or maybe it was the ear flaps or maybe it was the lack of coffee in my body, but I was having a difficult time envisioning how the finished product would look.

Beginning with the flat panel, I loomed in a knit (no wrap) stitch going toward the right for 13 pegs.  To go back, I loomed in a purl stitch for 13 pegs.  I did this for 4 inches.  I wanted a certain side to be on the front, so I just crocheted the flat panel off the loom, with the plan to reconnect it once the hat was completed.

To make the ear flaps, I counted from the side beginning peg 6 to the right.  I marked that peg and then counted 7 and marked that peg.  I then counted 6 to the left and another 7 and marked both pegs.  So I have the 6th ,13th, 24th and 31st pegs marked with a little green dot sticker.

I think I also tried the 1st ear flap probably 3 or 4 times.  I started on the 2nd peg from the marked one and loomed a knit stitch.  I stopped 1 peg shy of the marked peg.  I wanted the ear flap to gradually increase, so it would be thinner at the bottom and wider toward the hat.  I loomed in a knit (no wrap) stitch toward the right and purled back for 4 rows.  I then increased so I was going from from 1 marked peg to the other marked peg for 18 rows.

I did the same on the other side of the loom for the other ear flap.

For the hat, I used the basic e-wrap cast on so the ear flaps were connected.  The rest of the hat, I used the garter stitch, which is knit (no wrap) stitch for 1 row and then 1 row of purl stitch. I was very tempted to stop midway and continue in a basic e-wrap since it’s quicker for me to do and I was so excited to see this hat.  But I fought temptation and continued the entire hat with the garter stitch.  The hat was closed with a basic bind off using the tapestry needle.

Then I crocheted a single chain in beige along the edge of the hat and connected the flat panel to the hat with a single chain crochet.  I also sewed the sides and top of the flat panel and then added the 2 red airplanes to the top corners.

My hope is that a young cancer warrior will love this aviator hat and be inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen.


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  1. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award!


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