Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

2 Creative Hats

Grace just completed the 2 wonderful hats pictured above. She says that she does not remember how she was able to create these hats as she consistently felt like she was doing things wrong the whole time. We think that the hats are beautiful mistakes! Grace is very good at making her mistakes beautiful. I am going to attempt to describe what it looks like Grace did to create the hats.

For the pink and blue hat she used a pink yarn and a variegated blue yarn that she wrapped together. For the brim she began purl stitching with the pink yarn and after a few rows switched to an e-wrap. She then decided to switch back to the purl stitch and folded the brim. She then e-wrapped the remaining of the hat with both of the yarns and closed it with the standard method.

For the Blue and Tan hat she used blue yarn and a tan variegated yarn that she wrapped together. She started to e-wrap with the blue yarn and then changed to the variegated tan yarn and e-wrapped that and folded it to create the brim. She then e-wrapped with both yarns and towards the top switched to using the purl stitch. After a few rows of the purl stitch she began to e-wrap again and then closed using the standard close.

We think that this way of closing the hat may be a great way to close a top hat on the loom. We are looking forward to trying to make a Cat in the Hat inspired hat with this method.

We are sure that this hat will make a young Cancer Warrior very happy!


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