Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

A Dino

For this dinosaur, I tried something I have never tried before.  I used 2 different yarns for the body, the blue and the green/yellow variegated yarns.  The brim is 10 rows of traditional e-wrap; but before I brought up the 1st row onto the pegs to make the brim, I e-wrapped the blue yarn once so it’s hidden inside the brim.  Then I triple e-wrapped 2 pegs with the green/yellow variegated yarn and the triple e-wrapped 1 peg with the blue yarn.

I made 4 orange dinosaur scales and 2 eyes with a crochet hook.

Because the blue yarn only was e-wrapped every 3rd peg, inside the hat, there was some loose blue yarn.  It makes me nervous because I am not sure how durable this is and need to research to see if there is a better way to anchor the blue for future vertical striped hats.

inside hat

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