Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

On Wednesday, May 23, Wanda, Pali and I dropped off all of the children’s hats that we have created so far to the Kaiser Permanente Children’s Oncology unit in Downey, CA. We had a total of 70 hats that we donated (pictured above)!

We are so proud of our group for working so hard and putting so much love into the creation of these hats. We are sure that these hats will bring a smile and help keep the Cancer Warriors warm. The staff at Kaiser was very appreciative and excited about the hats and were such a joy to meet. We want to thank them for taking good care of the Cancer Warriors and we hope to see them soon with another big drop off.

We decided to attach the hats with a label that tells how to contact us so we are hoping that we hear from some of these young Cancer Warriors. We have also decided to add a button on the blog to request hats for a Cancer Warrior.

We spoke with a Life Specialist at the Oncology unit that informed us that they have a need for NICU baby hats so we plan to expand our hat making to incorporate infant hats. She informed also told us that they will keep in contact with us to let us know what their hat needs are like so hopefully we can keep them stocked and spread hats around to other area hospitals.

We also are hoping that they will be able to provide us with some pictures of the brave Cancer Warriors for us to share with you.

If you are interested in helping our cause, please feel free to contact us.
~Vanessa & Pali


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