Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Dalmation hat

My son, who is obsessed with all things fire engines, was my inspiration for this fire dog hat.  The hat took quite a long time to make, actually it was the embellishments that took a long time, not the actual hat.  I used the rib stitch for Sparky’s collar, with 2 strings of blue yarn, I purled 2 pegs and then knitted 2 pegs for 4 rows.  I purled the rest of the hat for Sparky’s face.  I attempted to crochet a triangle in black for the nose and a puffy circle for the eye patch. A few days later, on a trip to the store, I found the cutest buttons for the eyes.  I made different size circles and also did some French Knots for the black spots.  After my several pitiful attempts at crocheted ears, my friend Vanessa took over and made Sparky’s perfectly pointy and flexible ears.  I also attempted a dog tag out of gray yarn, but it resembled a silver tongue instead of a tag.  So I begged, pleaded and bribed Vanessa to make the dog tag and sew all the embellishments onto Sparky.

I think Sparky is adorable and am so thankful that Vanessa can crochet as tightly as she can.

Comments on: "Sparky the Dalmation" (2)

  1. I love all of your hats!!! You do WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL work!! I am going to share on my page and on the Hats For Happiness page on Facebook!! You guys rock!


    • Thank you so much for the love & support. We hope that people will read about us and join our cause or be moved to “give back” in their own community!


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