Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Snail Hat

I just completed the snail hat above. Or at least that is what I am referring to it as. My husband informed me that snails have shells, therefore, this can not possibly be a snail, maybe a monster. Even with that wonderful piece of advice, I still think it looks like  a snail, but call it whatever you like. I was inspired to create this from a blog that I saw creating a monster hat: http://blog.madebytelaine.com/2009/10/rawr.html. I tried to create the eyes on the loom using the instructions that were provided on the blog with no success. Maybe if you tried you would have better success then me. I decided to  crochet the eyes the pattern I created for them  was:

Start with the color of the hat for the eyelids.

ch 7, sl st into the 1st chain to form a ring.

sc 1 in each chain stitch. Continue 1 sc in each chain stitch until you have reached desired length then change color to white. Continue to ch 1 until you have reached desired length then do 4 french knots to create the pupils stuff the eye to make sure it stays puffy.It is a bit tricky to do the french knots in the eye but I just pulled the yarn all the way down to the bottom of the  eye and it seems to hold well.

Close the eye by decreasing by one stitch until it is closed. Then sew the eyes onto the hat.

For the hat itself I simply e-wrapped the hat and closed it with the drawstring method. You can view the tutorial for the flat drawstring method I learned from Jeanne Thompson on this youTube video: http://youtu.be/WoizvzKpBBA. It is a great way to get the hat flatter at the top when you loom.

I think that this hat came out very cute and I am proud of it. It was a bit frustrating not being able to loom the eyes like I wanted to but I think that the crochet eyes look just as nice. I hope that this makes a chemo warriors day a bit brighter.


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