Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Army Hat

This army hat pictured above I created for a young male Chemo Warrior. In thinking about the hats that are made I realized that I had created very few hats that would be considered masculine. So I decided that I needed to create a few that would appeal to the male sex. I saw this Red Heart Camouflage yarn at Walmart and I knew that it would be perfect to make a few masculine hats.  I have been told by a few male friends that it is important for the hat to not have too many holes and not to be bunchy at the top. I was also told that the hat should not be too fuzzy otherwise it wouldn’t appeal to males. With this advice in mind I created the hat by by using two balls of yarn and I e-wrapped it creating a brim.  I closed the hat using the flat drawstring method taught to me from a youTube video by Jeanne Thompson: http://youtu.be/WoizvzKpBBA.

This hat was very easy to create and only took me about an hour. I am hoping that this hat meets all of the masculine criteria I was given and makes a young Chemo Warrior happy. Hope that you are inspired to create one yourself. This would be a great starter hat to create.


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