Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

Last Saturday, 5/12/12, we walked in support of my sister-in-law’s battle with pancreatic cancer.  The day was inspirational as our team assembled our 28 walkers, with another 10 virtual supporters.  Our team consisted of family, such as Wanda’s sons, brother, sister, nephews, niece, aunts,  and cousins.  The farthest traveled by far is our surprise walker, our cousin from Georgia.  His traveling to support Wanda was really overwhelming and a great surprise!  Distant relatives, good friends and  co-workers also came out to support Team Wanda Woman.  I appreciate everyone on our team because I know that your support, friendship and love means so much to Wanda.  The love and support shown makes her stronger and gives her what she needs to continue to fight.

Our walkers wore both the PurpleStride event t-shirts and the Team Wanda Woman t-shirts that had the Wonder Woman logo on both the front and back.  “We Fight as a Team” was printed on the back and rings so true for our fight against Pancreatic Cancer and finding a cure for Wanda.

We mostly walked as a group and stayed together much of the way. We began the walk toward the end of the crowd because we were waiting for some late arriving team members to join us.  We don’t leave anyone behind, much to the dismay of our competitive team members <like my son> who prefer to be at the beginning of the crowd.

As we walked, we talked, joked and laughed.  Every so often, a volunteer from Pancan/PurpleStride directing us, would see our t-shirts and yell “TEAM WANDA WOMAN!”, causing us to cheer and holler.  The cheering, talking and joking helped me walk the 3 miles without a huge struggle, though I was going pretty slow.

After the walk ended, there were booths to visit.  The kids had their faces painted and received balloons.  Some of our team stayed for a delicious lunch,  at The Counter.  I hope the photos below show you how passionate we are about finding a cure for pancreatic cancer and how much we love Wanda!  I would encourage you to get involved in a local event and save the date for next year’s PurpleStride in LA <walking for a cure to Pancreatic Cancer>.

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