Spreading Hope…a hat at a time.

a group of ladies and the knitted creations

We have finally decided to organize our efforts and make our hobby a little more official.  We are a group of friends whose lives have all been affected by cancer and were looking for a way to “give back”.  After spending many hours in the chemo infusion centers, it became apparent there was a huge need for hats to keep the patients warm.  We joined our efforts and talents to create hats and scarves to donate to local cancer treatment centers.  Though not all of us would consider ourselves very crafty, we seem to be quick learners.  We take pride in our creations and strive to make them uplifting catering to just about everyone.

Hello!  My name is Cathy. My daughter taught me how to loom knit, and I came to work and taught the other gals. From there it has had a domino effect with every person having taught at least one other person and so on.  We are always trying to recruit other hat makers!

Hello! My name is Melissa.  I am 25 years old and I have been married for 2 years to my best friend.  I started looming about a month and a half ago and let me tell you I am not an easy learner when it comes to arts & crafts.  Miraculously, I picked up the art of looming pretty quickly and I really enjoy it. Unfortunately, I have lost a family member to brain cancer and when my friends told me about looming and donating the hats to cancer warriors, I was instantly intrigued with the idea.  That day, I started on my first hat and when I finished it I pictured that hat on someone battling cancer and the joy that it might give them.  That was enough to keep me hooked. From then on I have continued to make hats during my free time.

Hello, my name is Janine. I am a working wife and mother of three grown children and a new Grandma to a beautiful baby boy. I learned to loom knit a couple of years ago and found that I really liked it. I made scarves for all the ladies in my family and gave them away as Christmas gifts. I started looming hats when my friend and co-worker, Pali, came in and made me aware that there was a huge need for hats for cancer patients receiving Chemotherapy. I have always enjoyed doing crafty things. I have done anything from painting statuary, beading, needlepoint, cross-stitch, gardening, and now I loom knit. I enjoy knowing that what I have made can be used and appreciated by someone else.

Hello! I’m Vanessa. I am a full time mom, career woman, and I even manage to squeeze in some masters degree classes into my hectic schedule. I have never been a person that could say I had any artistic talent at all. Now I can say I have a bit of talent since I started to loom knit and crochet. I would definitely still consider myself a beginner, but I am a fast learner. I decided to start this fun adventure when lent began and I thought that it would be better to give back for lent rather than give up something. So, when Pali came to me and told me about the need for chemo hats I was presented with the perfect cause to give to. I am so very happy that I started creating the chemo caps as it is very important to let all of the families and people whose lives have been changed by a diagnosis of cancer that there are people who care and who keep them in their thoughts and prayers. I am hoping that this small gesture conveys that to them.

Hello!  My name is Pali.  I am a busy wife and mother of two beautiful children.   I would have never called myself crafty, but looming on the knifty knitter makes it extremely easy to create handmade gifts.  Cancer has wreaked havoc on my family, and currently my dear 41-year-old sister-in-law is battling pancreatic cancer.  I enjoy making hats for cancer warriors because it gives me the feeling that I am somehow making a difference for someone else.


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